Jan 10, 2015

Net find of the week - Altered Dominos Tutorials

Over at The creative Goddess Vicki O'Dell came up with a nice tutorial on how to turn dominos
 into little pieces of art by using alcohol ink and StazOn ink. Soo pretty! 
I think I will make these and turn them into keychains and pendants!
Here is the tutorial.

I checked around a bit and found some nice alterations to the idea, just to get my 
creative mind going..there are so many pretty things that can be done with dominos!
Time to hit my local thrift store and see if they have a bunch of them somewhere.

Here are some of the alterations to this idea that I came across:

Use alcohol ink and jewlery findings for mixed media art.

(that's what it looks like to me)

 has tons and tons of brilliant ideas and tutorials on how to make alered dominos
 using all kinds of ink and coloring techniques, 
this site is very much worth a visit!
 Here is the page about domino alteration.

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Alcohol Ink
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Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Ink

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