Jan 11, 2015

Net find of the week - Paper Garden Tutorials


You have no idea how excited I am about finding these paper garden ideas!
As a newly choosen cat guardian I "had to" send all of my house plants into exile.
It's ok, I got a super sweet cat now, who needs plants, right?
Still, it looks rather plantless in our house now, a bit bare. So along comes the idea for paper gardens!
How awesome is that!!! Now all I have to do it hope my cat will not chew them apart 
as soon as I place the new "plants" somewhere, maybe I should stick to the wall-mounting idea.
I looove these and will for sure be crafting paper gardens very soon :)
 Hopefully you find these little crafty projects as exciting as I do, have fun planting! :)

Here is the paper garden that I first came across, soooo cute!!

The color scheme, the embroidery frame, the chalk paint, those little eyes peaking out from under the plants, everything about this is absolutely perfect.
 A crafty salute to Sonia Poli who came up with this beautiful vertical garden.

As I don't have a die cutting machine yet (but soon, oh joy :)) I looked around the net a bit
 to see if I could find any usable printouts of other ideas how to make these gardens.

Over at Honey and Fizz  Simone has a little tutorial for a cactus garden that she found Beci Orpins's book Home , she found a usable template too. 

-click to download-

She also found another tutorial for paper succulents at Craftberry Bush

Two designers at  One Bit Wonder created cute potted plants with aluminium foil, wire and self-designed and cut out leafes.

I had real trouble finding any templaes for printing out these plants so I made some templates myself.

-to download, click on them , then right mouse click and "save as"-

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