Jan 17, 2011

iPod Pod

Recently I bought my first iPod (welcome to the new world Steffi!).
I'm a huuuge Audio book fan, I listen to them

whenever I don't have to listen to anything else

(mostly family members)

and my old mp3 player had the habbit of shuffeling the tracks,

which is really annoying when you are trying to listen to a storyline.

So a new solution had to be found, which I did, in form of my lovely
iPod Touch.

The thing is great, really amazing!..with only one drawback.
It's superthin, slippery and far too expensive to be dropped on the floor.

I had to think of something to keep it safe, no matter if I'm on my bike
(I live in Holland, we rarely get off the bikes here),
doing household chores, being out shopping or whatever else.

What I needed was a pod, an iPod Pod!

Finally I can carry my new toy around with me at all times
(checking my surrounding for an open internet connection
has become my new hobby)
without having to worry that it falls out of my pocket.

The next project will be a iPodPod for when I'm in bed,
so that I don't roll over it or drop if to the floor when I fall asleep.

Stay tuned!



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