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Oct 28, 2012

50 inexpensive advent calendar / stocking fillers

50 inexpensive advent calendar / stocking fillers
 ..and counting..

Every year I venture out into the world to find advent calendar fillers that won't stress the already overly stressed wallet even further. Here is a list of 50 ideas, if you have more please let me know in the comments. 

  1. Coupon for a DVD evening with popcorn and cola
  2. Bubble Gum that makes super bubbles
  3. Bake cookies together and give some to the neighbours
  4. Cool stickers
  5. Neon color markers
  6. Rub on tattoos
  7. Make fat balls for the birds in the garden together
  8. Coupon for staying up late till 23:00 once
  9. A little stamp
  10. Funny shaped eraser
  11. Lip Balm
  12. Coupon for a board game night with ice cream
  13. Ritter Sport Mini chocolate
  14. Playmobil Minifigures
  15. Soap bubbles
  16. Schleich animal
  17. Coupon for a game of balloon-pong + one cool balloon
  18. Pixi book
  19. make cinnamon roasted almonds together
  20. Coupon for picking whats for dinner once
  21. a kids joke book
  22. a chistmas pin for the jacket
  23. stick-on earrings
  24. large bouncy ball
  25. Pez dispencer
  26. Glitter Fizz-Ball for the bath
  27. Christmas themed hair accessoires
  28. Coupon for making a christmas painting on a canvas together for the kids room
  29. a cool magazine (National Geographic Kids is one of our favorites)
  30. Coupon for a christmas themed photo session, then send a photo to the grandparents
  31. a bookmark, preferably with moving 3D animals on it :)
  32. flameless LED tea light for the kids room
  33. funny shaped cookie cutter
  34. Coupon for a Wii evening
  35. print out paper models and craft them together (Minecraft Cubes are our prefered ones at the moment :)
  36. funny pencil sharpener
  37. invisible Ink Pen with UV light
  38. print out an Extreme Dot to Dot and try to solve it together
  39. Lego Minifigure
  40. Mini Game
  41. 3D spin top
  42.  Magic Towl
  43. make a Cat's Cradle string and try these string figures out together
  44. Sparking Spinner / Funkenkreisel
  45. Fairy Poly Glider
  46. Magic Worm
  47.  cute soap 
  48.  Coupon for a winter picnic out in nature
  49.  small bag of rock tumbler stones
  50.  Coupon for an Afternoon Tea Party at home

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