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Jun 8, 2010

Polymer Clay Tutorials

I have composed a list of the best tutorials for Dollhouse Miniatures
 made of Polymer Clay that I have come across on the net. 
They come in all kinds of languages so to follow them just go by what you see :) 
I will try my best to keep the list free of broken links and add new links if I find them.
Enjoy and happy crafting!


  1. This looks very cool to try!I love to try to make the food, although I do not have the necessary tools for me to make them.

    1. Hi, great that you like the tutorials, they are indeed a lot of fun to make :) As for the tools, the clay is a must of course but apart from that you can get very nice texturing effects with everyday household oblects too! A toothbrush for example makes a very nice effect for cookies or cakes, a needle can be used for the fluffy cake dough pattern, crumbled up aluminium foil is an excellent texturing tool and so can get very creative when it comes to working with polymer clay :)

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  3. Very nice list, Thank You for sharing, If you are looking for more tutorials and Printies for dollhouse miniatures of all kinds come by my blog - - I have many pages of links