Mar 30, 2011

Net find of the week - Ruffle Dress for kids made out of old T-shirts

This week I had my absolute squee!-moment when I
came across this ever so cute dress that
Cami at tidbits came up with.


Follow this link to see the tutorial!

I love everything about it, from the colours to the ruffles to the title "Business in the Front - Party in the Back"!
Am I glad that I'm such a squirrel who has stashed away several T-shirts already, I will totally give this a go! :)

Have a good week,


  1. Hey thanks a ton for the shout out! I'm glad I'm not the only squirrel out there. By the way, I love your blog name. Cotton candy castle, how do people come up with such cute names? I'm better at working with fabric then names.
    Again, thanks.

  2. So cute. If only I had a little girl...