Oct 14, 2011

Cute Amigurumi Family

What better time to start a new hobby then a long and rainy summer. I always wanted to crochet those cute Amigurumis and this summer vacation, in all its raininess, was the perfect time to start doing so.

 Here is my  little Amigurumi family:

Amigurumi worm in his apple home

Amigurumi worm and his apple home

Amigurumi butterfly in his pear home

Amigurumi butterfly

Amigurumi bunny in his carrot home

Amigurumi bunny and his carrot home

Amigurumi snail in his strawberry home

Amigurumi snail

My daughter saw Wall-E for the first time this summer and was very touched by that movie (can't blame her, so am I every time I watch it :)
When her birthday came around I found that there is ridiculously little merchandise from Wall-E on the market so I made her a little EVE myself.

Amigurumi EVE from the movie Wall-E

Amigurumi EVE from the movie Wall-E

She really liked her :)

There will be a wave of these little dudes crashing over my blog in the future, 
I LOVE making Amigurumis, they are just too cute!

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