Nov 1, 2011

Advent Calendar DIY-ideas

I want to get the christmas show on the road early this year (funny, I remember saying that last year too..) so it is time for me to start thinking about advent calendar ideas. I LOVE advent, bring it on!

Here are the best ones I came across so far, this will probably update every now and then when I find another cool idea :)

1. Boxes-on-the-wall Calendar

Boxes on the wall advent calendar tutorial
found at: Full Circle
I love the idea of creating the advent calender with the whole family, where everyone contributes towards the art on the box. I would probably stick the boxes on a big paper that can be first decorated as well.

2. Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar

felt advent calendar tutorial
found at: the Purl bee
This is such a cute advent calendar idea. And it looks simple enough to craft too! The little square "bags" don't seem to be roomy enough for bigger surprises though. 

3. Baby Sock Advent Calendar

baby socks advent calendar tutorial
 found at:  Martha Stewart
The color scheme she used for the socks here is really cute. I wonder if I can find christmas colored baby socks in town already, must go check!

4. Advent Pocket Calendar

pocket and activity advent calendar tutorial

Made with paper and fabric scraps, chipboard, stickers, and various knick-knacks/household junk.

Activities include:
Deck the halls!
Take photos for Christmas cards
Buy a new Christmas album and listen to it
Make the house smell like Christmas
Make Christmas Cards
Read a Christmas Story Book
Wrap Christmas Gifts
Make a new Christmas Decoration
Color a Christmas picture
Build a snowman or hang up paper snowflakes
Make hot chocolate and stir with candy canes
Make a treat and take it to a friend
Watch a christmas movie and eat popcorn
Go out for a Christmas treat
Do something nice for someone
Drive around and look for Christmas lights
Go visit Santa Clause
Do service for someone in need
Have a campout in front of the Christmas tree
Call grandma and grandpa and sing a Christmas song
Take gifts to teachers and friends
Read a story or watch a movie about the birth of Baby Jesus
Make cookies and write letters for Santa Clause
Read "The Night Before Christmas"

found at:  Kimberly Petersen
I love this idea for the fact that the presents are activities that can be done with the whole family.
And as it is a calendar bigger surprises like going to the cinema or the museum can be nicely timed to the weekend.

5.  Mitten Calendar

felt mitten advent calendar tutorial
 found at:  my house of giggles
Aww cute! And the mitten pattern can be drawn up in less then 5 minutes.

6. Fabric Cones Advent Calendar

fabric cones advent calendar tutorial

found at: Pickles
This is cool, I love cones! They are not very christmassy though so I would make sure to pick christmas colors and decorate them with according motives. 

7. Pouches Calendar

fabric pouches advent calendar tutorial
 found at: Sygnetcreations @Flicker

8. Sacks-on-a-twig Calendar

fabric sacks on a twig advent calendar tutorial

found at: Bombini's Cafe
I love to bring nature elements into my home, twigs are just perfect! I have one hanging above my dining table and it gets decorated according to the season we a in or the next big holiday that is coming up.
So this advent calendar idea is perfect! It only gets topped by no.11 because there are even more twigs! 8D

9. Christmas Trees Calendar

paper christmas trees advent calendar tutorial
 found at:  Bombini's Cafe

10.  Recycled Denim Pockets Calendar

recycled denim jeans calendar tutorial

I love this one so much!
found at:  Cousas Pequenas


11. Cones-on-twigs Calendar

cones hanging from twigs advent calendar tutorial
This is a nice fusion between idea no. 6 and no.8 and my favorite for this year so far.

 found at:  Sweet Nellie@Flicker


12. Tins-and-velcro Advent Calendar

tins and velcro advent calendar tutorial
 found at: Splitcoast stampers

13. Washing Pegs Advent Calendar

This seems to be an easy diy project.

14. Hanging Basket Advent Calendar

Very cute idea, and the basket can be used throughout the year...I see easter eggs hanging off it already.


Today is the 1st of december and this is the winning advent calendar for me:

My old childhood advent calendar!

My mum made this calendar for my sisters and me when we were still kids and it always had a special place in my heart. I remember the things she used to hang on them and how I loved the magic of this calendar appearing in the hallway. I asked her if I could have it and she gave it to me! I'm so happy, now this calendar can be our family tradition every year, and I still get to hang on to this piece of my childhood for a while longer. 

If you want to cross stitch an advent calendar for your family too then here are a few links to calendars I personally like: 


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