Jan 14, 2015

Baby Wrap Tutorials: A Star is born!

Star Fleece Baby Wrap Design

 Today on Pinterest I came across this cutest of them all design for a baby wrap fleece blanket. 

How cute is that!!!

The baby wrap can be bought at www.notonthehighstreet.com 
but with a bit of fantasy I bet similar results could be produced with the trusty old sewing machine.

I found some tutorials and patterns for other baby wraps - the star beats them all though :)

Have fun sewing and enjoy the tutorials!

A Swaddler that FITS! Tutorial

tutorial: Alida Makes

Flannel Swaddling Baby Blanket Tutorial


Baby Wrap Tutorial 

 tutorialShannon makes stuff
(page with measurements: baby blanket wrap update!  )

Baby Snuggler

 tutorial: Make:

Knitted Baby Cocoon  

 tutorial & pattern: Reliefshare


Hungry Caterpillar Baby Cocoon Tutorial

 tutorial & pattern: Earning my cape

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