Jan 6, 2015

Net find of the week - Topsy-Turvy crochet dolls pattern

 Topsy-Turvy crochet dolls pattern

When I was a wee little one I used to have a topsy-turvy doll,
 Little Red Riding Hood I think it was, and I love it so much!
 I found the idea of "now it's Red, now it's the Grandma!" so fascinating
 and although I wasn't a doll-person at all I remember this one very fondly.
 A while back, when I started crocheing, I remembered that doll 

and have ever since been on the hunt for a crochet pattern for a topsy-turvy doll.
Finally, I have found not one, not two but three pattern for topst-turvy dolls that I like!
And they are free on top of that! 
For the Ravelry Cinderella pattern you have to register to Ravelry,
which is a good idea anyway if you are into crocheing.
Registering is free and there are tons and tons of beautiful pattern on there!

are from the talented Anna over at Gifted Paws , they are so stinking cute!
I totally know what my next project will be in january :)
Enjoy the pattern and happy crafting :)



Anna/Elsa Topsy-Turvy crochet doll

by Anna


Little Red Riding Hood flip doll 

by Anna 


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